BPSC Database Administrator & Computer Instructor MCQ Test Syllabus for 2022 

We have just posted the Dermatologist & ENT Specialist MCQ Test syllabus at the Health department. Today’s syllabus for the Balochistan Public Service Commission MCQ Tests is for two positions available in the section below.

  • Computer Instructor, Computer Instructor Male/Female & Software/Web Designer (B-17) post at the Directorate General of Science & Information Technology Department.
  • Database Administrator (B-17) Post at the Balochistan Prison Department.

The Database Administrator & Computer Instructor required qualification is a Master’s Degree at least in 2nd Division in IT/Computer Science/Software Engineering OR Bachelor’s Degree (4 years) (2nd Division) Computer Science/IT/Information System. The candidates will have an Objective pattern in the Tests.

Syllabus for MCQ Tests of Database Administrator

The Commission announced the Database Administrator vacancies under BPSC Advertisement No. 10/2022. Get the MCQ Test syllabus by scrolling down.

  • Introduction: DBMS architecture and data independence, DBA roles and responsibilities
  • SQL *PLUS Overview: SQL Plus Fundamentals, Producing more readable outputs, Accepting values at runtime, Using iSQL *Plus
  • Modifying Data: Introduction to DML Statements, Truncating a table, Transaction control language.
  • Managing Constraints: Creating constraints, Dropping constraints, enabling and disabling constraints, deferring constraints checks
  • Managing Views: Creating and modifying views, Using views, Inserting, Updating, and deleting data through views
  • User Access and Security: Creating and modifying user accounts, creating and using roles, granting and revoking privileges, Managing user groups with profiles
  • Oracle Overview and Architecture: An overview of logical and physical storage structures, Oracle memory structures, Oracle background processes, connecting to oracle instances, and processing SQL commands.
  • Managing Oracle: starting up the oracle instance, managing sessions, shutting down the oracle instance, instant messages, and instant alerts.
  • Control and Redo Log Files: Managing the control files, Maintaining and monitoring redo log files.
  • Managing tables, indexes, and constraints: Storing data (create, alter, analyze, querying table information), Managing indexes, Managing constraints.
  • Managing Users and Security: Profiles, Managing users, managing privileges, managing roles, querying role information
  • Introduction to Network Administration: Network design considerations, network responsibilities for the DBA, network configuration, Overview of oracle Net features, Oracle Net Stack Architecture
  • Backup and Recovery Overview: Database backup, restoration, and recovery, Types of failure in oracle environment, defining a backup and recovery strategy, Testing the backup and recovery plan
  • Introduction to performance tuning: a brief overview of Tuning methodology, General tuning concepts

Syllabus for MCQ Tests of Computer Instructor

The Computer Instructor vacancies are available at BPSC Advertisement No. 10/2022. We have mentioned the MCQ Test syllabus for this job in the section below. 

  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Discrete Structures
  • Operating Systems
  • Database Systems
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Information Security

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