Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commiss (AJKPSC)

AJKPSC – Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission Introduction:

  • Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission AJKPSC is a recruitment government agency that announces and uploads government-related jobs. AJK PSC works on the rules of the Govt of Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover, the first Chairman of AJK PSC was Ghulam Muhaiyudin. He was also the first CSP of the Service Commission. After the advancements in the Commission, the office got shifted to Muzaffarabad in March 1967. Earlier, people applied for AJKPSC jobs manually. In the previous era, they visited the AJKPSC office and submitted the application form in hard form. But in this modern era, Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission AJKPSC turned the manual system into digitalization mode. The purpose of starting this online application submission is to provide relaxation to the candidates. For a single post, hundreds of people will apply. Therefore, for the ease of AJKPSC administration and students, they accepting online job application

    Functions of AJK PSC

    Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission perform a lot of tasks. They not only advertise jobs on their websites but also provide the complete details of the conduction of tests. They keep in touch with their president and work under the supervision of the AJK govt. We have briefly described the responsibilities of AJKPSC. According to the AJK Act 1986, the services of AJK PSC perform the following action. The details are as under

    • Test Conductance: AJKPSC responsible for conducting the tests of the Civil Service. Moreover, it provides the testing criteria for civilians. They offered jobs under the rules and regulations of Sections of Govt.¬†
    • Connection with President: As it is under the supervision of the Govt. So it is answerable to the President of Pakistan. Further, it informs and advises the President relating the civil and services. Moreover, it also describes him about the qualification and educational system. Furthermore, it also provides the criteria for hiring civilians.

    Building Section of AJKPSC

    In the AJKPSC office, they divide the departments into the following sections. The members of each department perform their roles in an elegant way. ve Check out the following major building sections of AJK PSC:

    • Computer section
    • Examination wing
    • Recruitment wing
    • Administration wing
    • Litigation wing

    AJKPSC General Instructions:-

    Azad Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission have provided the general instructions. Students who confuse during online application form filling will now be able to fill the form by reading the general guidelines. We have listed the general instructions of AJKPSC which one can read before applying. Check it now

    • AJKPSC provides an online application form with the advertisement. To apply for an AJKPSC job, it is mandatory to fill this online form also after the online advancements in the Commission.
    • Further, an applicant should enter the correct personal and academic information¬†
    • Mainly there are two banks in connection with AJK PSC. The first one is the National Bank of Pakistan NBP, and the other is MCB. Furthermore, candidates can submit the bank challan in one of these two banks.
    • AJKPSC also facilitates the candidate to edit their application. Candidates who enter any wrong information should have a facility to edit their application.
    • AJKPSC also provides information related to the results and dates of the interviews of selected candidates. Moreover, successful candidates can easily avail themselves of the online opportunity with one click.